Weatherboard Applications And Benefits.

January 20, 2021
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Weatherboard more commonly known as the exterior cladding is the installation of the planks made from the wood either in a horizontal or vertical manner. The weatherboard is also known as the clapboards and lap siding. The reason why people prefer to have the exterior cladding is to give a house a more rustic look with the natural wood look. Timber is the most popular choices in the weatherboard in nz. There could be number of styles to install the weatherboard and colour it in whatever manner possible. Usually these are painted with oil to make these waterproof.

Why do you need the weatherboard?

Compared to simple installation of the wood in the exterior of the house, the exterior cladding is the better choice as it offers more durability because the oiling and staining is done in order to prevent the wood from rotting, usually the top and the bottom part of the weatherboard is made from a different kind of the material to eliminate the problem. Although still the weatherboard is a wood construction and harsh weather could have effects on it. These are very well in the insulation and therefore, if you are using the weatherboard then you may not need to install some other kind of insulation.


In order for the timber to look fresh it needs to be oiled and painted every now and then and not only this but the walls must also be checked at least two times a year for mould or rotting. But as compared to other cladding timber is easy to maintain as it has been widely used now for this.


Although there may be some issues if the weather is extremely harsh and moist all the time but in moderate conditions the weatherboard works really well and offers enough durability as well as protects the exterior of the house. There are number of companies who provide you with a warranty of over 50 years.


Low cost:

If you settle for installation of the weatherboard instead of bricks then the initial cost for this is cheaper because timber is easily available and not only this but there are environment friendly options which give you untreated timber wood that is even cheaper.

Modern advanced weatherboards:

In older times, when you think of the wood you may think of the pests and wraps which are residing in the wood and eating it every day but this is not the case with the modern weatherboards as these are stained and oiled that these do not harbour any kind of pests.

Beautiful, nice and warm home:

The weatherboard is one of the easiest way to transform the home from dull to charming and this is so easily done without doing much effort. Not only do you get a beautiful home but a home which is warm and is well insulated, hence helping in reducing your energy bills at the same time.For more information please click here