September 1, 2020
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Raised floor system is a hidden void of electrical and mechanical track. The roof is consist of a gap which is placed on a concrete slab. These types of roof are widely used in hospitals, banks, conferences rooms and computer labs. There are the following advantages of Raised Floor System:

  1. 1. Shear strain cannot be transferred across the diaphragm of concrete roof.
  2. These types of floor are water proofed.
  3. Raised floor system is efficient for heating and cooling purposes. It is a good radiant of heat along the panels.
  4. The concrete slab is the finished slab so that the final covering on the roof was held on slab and other requirements of painting or decoration is not needed.
  5. 5. Concrete roof system is efficient in case of high wind threat, it absorb the extra air and it is applicable for multistorey buildings.
  6. Fire can be suppressed from one portion of roof to other.


Brown Built shelves are also referred as shelves. They are mostly available in offices, banks, medical stores and industrial store room. For house ware purposes, the brown built shelves consist of 3 or 4 bays while in industries it consists of numerous bays with unit channels. These channels are made of high quality tensile steel. These are widely used for storage purposes in industries because of the following reasons:

  1. It is made up of tensile steel it is resistant of twisting.
  2. It reduces the stock it is length.
  3. Available floor space is efficiently use now
  4. 4. In one unit of brown built shelve multi stuff can be carried on it due to the multiple shelf
  5. 5. It can hold the heavy load of maximize storage.
  6. 6. The wood which is typically used is wild oat and silver grey.


It is the most common and popular type of transporting machinery.  Their length determine the size of the pallet tracks. Usually two pallets are held on each shelf. For bearing high load, racks are of great flexibility and durability. Standard Pallet Racking is more versatile and available in industrial stores. The body of the racks is usually covered with epoxy powder which give it durability.

 These are efficient in following features:

  1. 1. It is efficient in stock management system
  2. 2. It is simple in construction, low in cost and hence popular in market.
  3. It is compatible with handling equipment.
  4. 4. For house ware, it is good enough if they had aplenty stock.
  5. In case of any damage of the racks, the existing racks can be replaced and the new one can be added efficiently.
  6. It is easy to store and pick up.For more information visit our website: https://www.brstoragesystems.com.au/